2850/800 Tissue Paper Machine

All ball bearings and roller bearings of tissue paper machine are in metric units according to the ISO standard. All gear reducers of tissue paper machine are parallel shaft type, fully sealed, oil bath lubricated, and equipped with wear-resistant bearings. All stainless steel, brass, bronze fabricated parts and carbon steel clad stainless steel parts of tissue paper machine are unpainted.


1. Paper Grade: Crepe Paper

2. Maximum Gross Output Of Reeling Machine: 40 tons/day

3. Paper Raw Materials: Reed Pulp

4. Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: 2200 mm

5. Reeling Machine Paper Width: 2850 mm

Leizhan can also provide a set of excellent pulping equipment for the production of tissue paper machine. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: leizhanworld@gmail.com