15T/D Corrugated Paper Making Equipment

In modern corrugated paper making line, the preparation of paper stock during the pulping process is a key point in corrugated paper making line.

The strength, color tone, printability of the finished paper, and the length of the paper’s shelf life are directly related to it. Leizhan’s corrugated paper making line has more professional beating equipment and pulp distribution equipment, which can improve the quality of the finished corrugated paper.

The main technical parameters of the corrugated paper production line:

1. Paper Grade: Corrugated Paper

2. Trimmed Width: 1575-5800 mm

3. Basis Weight: 60-150 gsm

4. Operating Speed: 100-800 m/min

5. Production Capacity: 15-500

Finally, the paper needs to be reeling, cut, packed, and put into storage. Leizhan can also provide final spare parts for paper machines such as reeling machine. If you are interested in Leizhan’s paper making line, please contact us. Email: leizhanworld@gmail.com