Whole Fluting Paper Plant Production Line For Paper Mill

two stacks of kraft liner board machine

Our fluting paper making machine is designed for high quality fluting paper making.

Our this machine adopts first grade auxiliries and most advanced technics in China. Paper from it is in high grade , smooth and well selling.We can provide whole fluting paper production line , including pulp &paper making equipment and paper machine spare parts. All the equipment have international certifications.

Fluting Paper Making Machine Main Specification:

Paper Grade
fluting paper
Trimmed Width(mm)
Basis Weight(g/m2)
Operating Speed(m/min)
Production Capacity(t/d)


Our company can offer paper mill whole fluting paper making line, include fluting paper pulp making line, fluting paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Welcome email us if you are interested in our machine, or you can leave your requirements on this webpage, our business manager will send you email about machine details and price soon,

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