Toilet Paper Production Line

The wire part of the toilet paper machine is divided into two types: rotary wire and fourdrinier wire. The press part of the toilet paper machine is composed of press roll and paper making felt. The dryer part of the toilet paper machine is composed of one or several dryer cylinders. Some Fourdrinier machines are also equipped with mechanical calenders to improve the smoothness and tightness of the paper.

Press Part

Press part is responsible for further dewatering the formed wet paper sheets by pressurizing them.

The number of times the paper sheet contacts the smooth hard roll surface or the rough rubber surface and the amount of dehydration on each surface will affect the surface quality of the paper sheet. Reasonable treatment can significantly reduce the difference in smoothness between the two sides of the paper.

Dryer Part

Several dryer cylinders are driven by gears or felt to form a group, and several groups of dryer cylinders constitute the dryer section. Maintain a slight speed difference between each group of dryer cylinders to compensate for the shrinkage of the paper sheet during the drying process.

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