Small Capacity Waste Paper Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine

Introduction of  Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine:

For complete Jumbo Roll Making Machine, There are THREE Main Parts of  Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine:

1. Pulping Equipment ( Different Raw Material: Waste Paper, Virgn Pulp Board, Mixed Pulp. )

2. Paper Tissue Making Machine ( Different Paper Width, Paper Weight, Production Capacity. )

3. Sewage Treatment Equipment ( Different type according to local government Standard Index. )

Specification of Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine:

Model ZY-1575
Paper 13~40g/M2(Final Product)
Production 5~6T/D
Working Speed 80~140m/min (Dryer Cylinder Speed)
Gauge 2800mm
Couch Roll Design for 2N/mm, Working As 2N/mm
Pressing Touch Roll Design 100 N/mm, Working As 65N/mm
Air Suppy System Pressure 0.8Mpa
Touch Roll Air Bellow 0.3-0.4Mpa
Creping Scraper Knife Air Bellow 0.1-0.15 Mpa
Creping Scraper Knife Air Cylinder 0.2-0.25 Mpa
Couch Roll Air Bellow 0.2 Mpa
Press Roll Air Bellow 0.25-0.3mpa
Felt Adjusting Air Bellow 0.2 Mpa

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