Screen Basket For Sale

Screen basket

Screen basket is a very important part of pressure screen, he contact pulp directly, has a high demand to the material, Leizhan pressure screen equipped high quality screen basket to extend the service time.

Pressure Screen Basket

Pressure Screen Basket divides into hole and slot screen, this two types screen basket corresponding to the coarse and fine screen, which used in different stage for pulp screening.

Standard hole diameter:more than φ1.2mm
Plate thickness:δ6mm-12mm
screen slot: more than 0.1mm
Plate thickness:δ6mm-12mm
Plating to ensure that more than 0.20mm

Leizhan screen basket advantages

1. The use of screening area smaller than other suppliers, less energy consumption
2. High screening efficiency and quality, low wear, low energy consumption, fiber loss less
3. Easy to install and disassemble