Reject Separator For Paper Pulp Making Line

Reject Separator

Reject separator is impurity cleaning equipment for paper pulp making line, in waste paper recycling process will produce great amount tailing pulp, there are some available fibers in the tail pulp, the Reject separator is a equipment, that designed for fiber and impurities separate for tailing pulp from fiber separator, screening equipment, and other device.

PZ Series Reject Separator

Adopt closed operation without slurry splash, changed the working environment, continuous slagging, not easy to plug the sieve, the treatment effect is good, the equipment has function to ease the fiber, make the fiber recovery up to about 70%, reduce fiber loss, reduce production costs.

Features of Reject Separator

1. The feed stabilizer keeps the feed stable.

2. Blade rotor, the ability to clear the slurry is high.

3. The rotor spiral blade, to accelerate the tailings forward.

4. Equip sprinkler device, improve fiber recovery.

Vibrating screen also is equipment for processing the tailing pulp, but rely on vibration to achieve the purpose of separation, noise and great impact on the surrounding environment, otherwise the Reject separator almost no vibration and noise. It’s not necessary to be supervised by a specified person, and the concentration of the impurities selected can be up to 10%-15%, that can directly be discarded as the waste without processing.