Paper Pulping Machine Of Drum Pulper

Based on customer feedback, Leizhan Company has continuously conducted research and development on the drum pulper, carefully improved it, repeatedly debugged it, optimized the internal structure, and designed an effective solution. The raw material adaptability of the drum pulper is greatly enhanced. When the drum pulper processes domestic waste with relatively good quality, it can still prevent fiber loss and reduce raw material costs.

Application & Features

1. The energy consumption of crushing is reduced, which is about 25% lower than that of traditional pulping equipment per ton of paper.

2. Improve pulp quality. After continuous improvement, the new generation of drum pulper has mild pulping conditions, which not only does not destroy the strength and length of the fiber, but also ensures that light impurities and some heavy impurities are not broken down to the greatest extent, thus ensuring the quality of the pulp. and cleanliness.

3. The physical size of the impurities is not destroyed, and the preliminary screening is carried out in the pulping section, and the light impurities in the slurry are discharged from the system, reducing the load and wear of the subsequent screening process and improving the screening efficiency.

4. Equipment maintenance costs are low and labor is saved.

Leizhan’s drum pulper is designed with a differentiated internal structure according to different processes and raw materials of customers to meet various pulping needs. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us. Email: