Paper Pulp Screening For Paper Plant

Pressure screen

Leizhan Pressure screening equipment has the leading technologies to meet the production requirements of Paper pulp industry, Coarse pressure screen use hole screen, Fine pressure screen use slot screen, and Inflow pressure screen used for approach system to make slurry evenly goes into headbox or cylinder mound.

Screening solutions for all applications

Production reliability, reduced energy and maintenance costs, and consistent high quality are the challenges of global pulp and paper manufacturers. To meet this market requirements Leizhan continuous upgrade technologies, we have professional engineer recommend the most beneficial solution to optimize and upgrade your screening process.

Leizhan pressure screen suitable all kinds of pulp: 

  • Recycled fiber
  • Chemical pulp
  • Mechanical pulp
  • Approach flow

Configuration advantages

1. Screen basket is made of stainless steel

2. Bearing is NSK from Japan, mechanical seal is double face, which used for to protect bearing.

3. The automatic oil injection device is from Korea, which automatically add oil to the bearing, whether have oil or not, just see the device outside.

4. The automatic water device from Finland, which used for protect mechanical seal.

5. The pressure screen ’s base is one plate, which can keep machine stable when working.

6. The screen blades is four types, which can effectively improve pulp throughout.