Paper Pulp Machine For Shantou Paper Mill

Shantou Chenghai Zhenye Paper Product Factory is a processing and sales enterprise producing corrugated paper and paper products. It is an old enterprise in Guangdong paper industry and a long-time customer of Lei Zhan Company. With the increase of production capacity and the expansion of the production line, a new batch of pulping equipment needs to be added, and cooperation with Lei Zhan Company will be signed again.


The main equipments ordered this time are: medium-concentration pressure screen, inner screen front screen, high-concentration sand remover, and slag discharge separator.


The equipment shipped this time has a medium-concentration pressure screen, an internal flow screen, a high-concentration slag remover, a slag separator and supporting accessories.

Hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after the early installation!Thank you again for your support of Lei Zhan!

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