Paper Pulp Machine for Firework Paper Making

Paper pulp machine

Jiangxi Wanzai Jinke Paper Mill is professional manufacturer of firework paper production, they set up a new 200t/d firework paper making line and purchased paper pulp machine for this new production line.

Project information

Time: Aug, 2017
Customer: Jiangxi Wanzai Jinke Paper Mill
Address: Jiangxi, China
Project: 200t/d Firework Paper making
Delivered equipment: M.C. Coarse pressure screen, Agitator, Low density cleaner

200t/d Firework paper making project

We have several cooperation with Jiangxi Wanzai Jinke paper mill to supply paper pulp machine for their firework paper making, this time they ordered the coarse pressure screen and Low density cleaner for the new project, which use wast paper as raw material, the high quality paper machine can ensure the operation stable and improve efficient.

Why customer choose Leizhan paper pulp machine?

1. Our paper pulp machine made with the best material, like coarse pressure screen, the screen baskets use the best 304/316 stainless steel, import international advanced technologies.
2. The paper machine we supplied is the best quality and price!