Paper Pulp Machine Eccentric Pulper

The eccentric pulping mechanism includes a motor, a rotor structure connected to the motor, and blades fixed on the rotor structure. The top of the main body of the eccentric pulper is equipped with a rotor chute and a screen plate, and the screen plate is equipped with a bottom knife. The screen plate of the eccentric pulper is located above the bottom of the conical body.

Application & Features

1. The Vaux rotor is offset from the center position, making the contact between the paper material and the rotor faster and more frequently.

2. Make the paper material come into contact with the rotor more quickly, which can shorten the time from adding the paper material to the crushing process.

3. Heavier impurities are more likely to be thrown out by centrifugal force in an eccentric rotation environment.

4. The rotor structure of the eccentric pulper is deep into the inner cavity of the main body, and its position can slide along the chute direction of the rotor chute.

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