Paper Machine Thickener Equipment

Screw press thickener

Stock thickener used to wash and thicken in various waste recycled pulp, chemical pulp to improve the slurry consistency and remove ink particles, fillers and other small impurities. Do you know the difference between different stock washer?

1. Low concentration stock thickener equipment

Including Cylinder mould thickener, drop-type thickener and wire type thickener. suitable the inlet pulp concentration below 1%, the output pulp concentration below 10% , the water displacement is large, requiring a small filter resistance. Its inlet and output pulp concentration is relatively low, washing effect is poor, rarely used for pulp washing.

2. Midum concentration stock thickener equipment

Such as vacuum washing thickener, pressure washing thickener, horizontal belt vacuum washer and so on. Dehydrated by vacuum or compressed air. The inlet pulp concentration 1 ~ 4%, output pulp concentration 10 to 17%, can be used for pulp washing and concentration, is widely used.

3. High concentration stock thickener equipment

Such as Screw, Double roll, ring-type binoculars, double-wire press washer, etc., use mechanical extrusion to wash concentrated and dehydrated. Input pulp concentration >3%, output pulp concentration about 35%. In recent years,the extraction rate of waste liquid is constantly improved, and the development of high concentration bleaching and high concentration of slurry has been developed, which has led to the rapid development of high concentration washing and thickener equipment.

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