Paper Machine Dryer Section

Paper machine dryer section

Paper machine contain headbox, forming section, press section, drying section, sizing machine and reeling section, in tissue paper making line don’t need size machine, wet paper become dry paper through drying section, and do you know this information about dryer?

1. Dryer

There are several kinds of general dryer diameter, in China have four: φ0.8m, φ1.0m, φ1.25m, φ1.5m. As the dryer to withstand a certain steam tension, the dryer shaft is hollow, the drive shaft has the internal steam pipe and condensate drain pipe. The Input steam pipe into the cylinder, from the cylinder head 0.8 ~ 1.0m, around and the top are drilling holes in order to evenly distributed steam heating dryer.

According to the production capacity and the type of paper, the number of dryer is differently, generally tissue paper making line only need a big diameter dryer, if the thickness of the paper is thick, it is also necessary to increase the number of the dryer.

2. Dry felt correction and tensioning device

In order to ensure that the dry felt does not run away, need a flexible correction device.
The low speed machine can use the manual correction device to adjust the position of the dry felt, and the high speed machine requires an automatic correction device. The correction principle is the same as the wire, felt correction. The correction is achieved by the displacement movement of the correction roller.
Dry felt in operation, will be subject to a certain degree of elongation, especially use polyester mesh elongation greater than the canvas, so the dry felt for tension control, usually use the way that Combined manual tension with cylinder pressure phase to adjust the tension of the dry felt.

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