Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder

Dryer cylinder
Dryer cylinder is the key part of paper machine drying section, during the operation, the inside steam will dry out the paper. The outer diameter of dryer cylinder mostly is 1000-3000mm, Leizhan can customize the dryer cylinder types according to customer demands.

Dryer cylinder of paper machine

Paper machine with a cast iron dryer is used as a key component of paper drying – Ⅰ pressure vessel. The number of cast iron dryer accounts for about two-thirds of the total number of pressure vessels in the paper industry. The material used to make the dryer is mostly HT200, HT250. In the manufacturing quality requirements are not allowed to have penetration and excessive blisters, in order to increase the smoothness of the paper, the outer surface of the dryer requires polishing and the inner surface of the calendering, so that the entire dryer cylinder to maintain the same thickness to ensure the dryer Safe, balanced and heat transfer throughout. The role of dryer is used to dry the moisture in the paper.

Leizhan supply different types dryer cylinder from Ø1500mm to Ø3680mm(less than Ø1500mm also can be designed), use HT250-300 as raw material, oughness is 0.2-0.4, if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.