Kraft Paper Testliner Paper Making Line For Paper Mill

kraft paper machine

The kraft paper making line used for paper making (recyling paper making machine), such as kraft paper making, testliner paper making, corrugated paper making and so on. Our company can offer the whole paper making line for paper mill.


Specification of Kraft Paper Making Machine:

Paper grade kraft  paper, testliner paper
Trim width(mm) 1575-5800
Basis weight(g/m2) 60-150
Operating speed(m/min) 100-800
Capacity(t/d) 15-500

Our company can offer paper mill whole kraft paper making line, include kraft paper pulp making line, kraft paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Welcome email us if you are interested in our paper and paper pulp making machine, and you can leave your requirements on this web page, our business manager will send you machine details and price as soon as possible.