Hydrapulper Pulping Equipment Pulping Line

Hydrapulper is mainly used for crushing various pulp boards, broken paper and various waste paper boxes. D Type Hydrapulper has the characteristics of strong disintegrating ability, wide application range, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is an ideal equipment for pulping waste paper at present.

Application & Features

1. The plane shape of the D-type hydrapulper tank is “D”. This special shape changes the flow path of the circular hydropulper pulp in the tank, and moves the vortex generated by the hydraulic force from the center to one side, so that the pulp is submerged as soon as possible.

2. The contact between the rotor and the pulp is rapid and the number of times is increased, thereby shortening the disintegration time and increasing the production capacity.

3. All parts in contact with the pulp are made of stainless steel.

4. Good fiber loosening effect.

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