How To Maintain Papermaking Wire

paper machine

Paper machine wire is a very important part, has directly influence on paper quality and is a expensive part, so how to maintain papermaking wire?

Papermaking wire maintain

(1) it is important to pay attention to whether the work of the wire guide roller is normal and prevent the wire from running sideways

(2) The wire should not be immediately closed to the end, should moisten the wire with low tension to balance the wire, then slowly tighten the wire to the technical limits. The wire elongation rate generally is below 0.5%, change is not big. The elongation rate of the plastic wire is larger than the wire, usually around 1%, especially after the first two days, the wire extension is longer, and needs to be adjusted at any time to maintain the stability of tension.

(3) strengthen the washing of wire. To use high – pressure polyester pipe, use low – concentrated lye or acid solution for washing.

(4) before changing the wire, be sure to carefully check the dehydration components and the surface of the roller without any burrs or blister. Do the necessary treatment or replacement for the defective dehydration element or roller. In addition, it is important to keep the roller blade tight and prevent the wire from wrapping.

(5) when the downtime is longer, the net should be relaxed to avoid excessive local stress. Every time stop, must clean the wire inside and outside equipment and itself clean, prevent large hard pulp from breaking up the net.