High Speed Jumbo Roll Toilet Facial Tissue Paper Making Line

tissue paper machine

We are the MANUFACTURER of high quality toilet tissue paper making machine with competitive price! Such as toilet/tissue papermachine, cultural paper machine, newspaper machine, craft/kraft paper machine, corrugated paper machine,etc.

There are many models and different capacity produce line . Such as 787/1092/1575/1800/2000/2400/3600 model and so on. We have been supplying a whole set of toilet paper machine for overseas customers. If you need paper making machine , please feel free contact with me.

Our company can offer you the whole toilet facial tissue paper making line, include paper pulp making line, and if you need sighle paper pulp making equipment, we also pleasure to offer you.

Main Technical Parameters of Jumbo Toilet Paper Making Machine:

1, producing varieties: toilet paper
2, effective papermaking Width: 1760mm
3, quantitative :14–21g / m2
4, output :4 tons / day
5, the design speed: 180m/min
6, the working speed: 150m/min
7, gauge: 2600mm

Welcome email us if you want to set up paper making line, or you can leave message ov this website your requirement, our business manager will reply you more paper machine details and price.

Email: leizhanworld@gmail.com