High Density Cleaner For Paper Pulping Line

The working principle of the high density cleaner is based on the constant pulp flow in the cleaner and the centrifugal force caused by the pulp. Leizhan’s high density cleaner is equipped with a pressure controller and has a constant pressure drop. At the pressure controller, a portion of the accepted pulp is circulated back to the feed pump.

Application & Features

1. Equipped with two pneumatic penetrating slag discharge valves, the gate material is wear-resistant stainless steel.

2. Can be interlocked with PLC control system.

3. There is a pressure water backwash device at the bottom to reduce fiber loss.

4. The slag discharge port is specially designed and is not easily blocked.

Leizhan can also provide a set of machine for paper pulping line. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: leizhanworld@gmail.com