Drum Pulper For Wrapping Paper Making

Drum pulper

Egypt Paper Mill set up a new papermaking project to produce 150t/d white board paper, corrugated paper and kraft paper, recently we delivered Drum pulper for customer.

Project information

Time: September, 2017
Customer: Egypt Paper Mill
Address: Egypt
Project: 150t/d wrapping paper making
Delivered equipment: Drum pulper

150t/d wrapping paper making project

The paper industry has a good prospect, especially waste paper recycling project, in China corrugated paper and kraft paper prices are rising, now the logistics industry continues to develop, the demand for corrugated paper and kraft paper is also increasing, so set up paper making factory is a good opportunity. Egypt Paper Mill see this opportunity to build a new production line on the basis of the original.

This wrapping paper production line contain pulping process and paper machine, customer purchased the whole sets of paper pulp machine for this project and we delivered the best quality paper machine for them.

Drum pulper

This Drum pupler customer purchased the part contact pulp is 304 stainless steel(we also supply ordinary material according to your needs), the Drum pulper pre-investment is larger, but latter the maintenance and labor costs small, in general, investing in large-capacity production is cost-effective.