50TPD Kraft Paper Making Line

Kraft paper machine

Kraft paper making project divides into two steps: paper pulp production process and kraft paper machine, paper pulp process contain top layer pulp use wood pulp as raw material, and bottom layer pulp use waste paper as raw material. The following is about the 50t/d kraft paper machine and paper pulp machine.

50T/D kraft paper machine

Paper kind: kraft paper
GSM: 160~210g/㎡
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Working speed: 90m/min
Center distance: 3400mm
Drive form: Alternating Converter Sectional Drive

The pulping process of kraft paper making contain wood pulp and waste paper pulp, wood pulp use horizontal Chain conveyor, D type hydapulper, high density cleaner and refiner equipment to make the pulp meet the paper making needs. The waste paper pulp use D type hydrapulper, cleaner, screening and other equipment, is more complex than wood pulp production.

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