30t/18h Carbonless Paper Making Line

30t/18h Carbonless Paper Making Line

Leizhan supplies complete set of carbonless paper making line including carbonless paper pulp processing line and carbonless paper making machine for paper mills. Using waste paper and commodity wood pulp as raw material, paper makers can produce high grade carbonless paper with Leizhan advanced carbonless paper making line machine.

30t/18h Carbonless Paper Pulp Processing Line

First of all, wood pulp will be conveyed by chain conveyor into the D type hydrapulper for pulping.
Then, high density cleaner will be used for removing staples, stones, glasses from the slurry.
After that, the pulp will be transported into conical refiner and double disc refiner for improving the beating degree and pulp quality.
Lastly, inflow pressure screen before paper machine will be used for the last step of pulp processing.

Carbonless Paper Making Machine

Leizhan carbonless paper making machine is specially designed according to customer’s raw material, production capacity and finished products demands. Carbonless paper making machine has the trimmed width range of 1880-3750mm, and a basic weight range of 40-80g/m2. It can produce 20-270 tons of high grade carbonless paper per day by using waste paper, wood pulp as raw material.