25T/D Kraft Paper Making Project

paper making machine

Kraft paper making project includes pulping system and paper making process, both them is important for the finished paper quality, the paper machine quality and technical parameter have big influence in paper making process Leizhan as the leader of paper pulp machine in China, can supply high quality paper machine with low price for paper making friends.

Pulping process

D type hydrapulper: 5m³ C=3~5%

Pulp pump: Q=120m3/h,H=32m , C=3~5%

High density cleaner: Q=1800-2600l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa

pulp chest/stirrer: Ø750mm,C=3~5%,80m³

Mid consistency pressure screen: A=0.3㎡ h=2.4mm, C=3~4%

Reject separator: Ø380mm C=1~2% Ø4mm

Mid Density Cleaner: Q=1800-2600l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa

Mid consistency pressure screen: A=0.3㎡ s=0.25mm C=2.5~2.8%

White water pulp pump: Q=160m³/h, H=18m, C=3~5%

Inflow pressure screen: A=0.6㎡ s=0.35mm C=0.6-1.0%

Kraft paper machine

Finished paper: kraft paper

Capacity; 20-25T/D

Basic weight: 120-360g/m

Trimmed width: 1880mm

Working speed: 80m/min

Center distance: 2700mm