2400mm Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft Paper Machine

2400mm kraft paper machine production capacity is 50t/d, mainly used for kraft paper, cardboard paper production with the GSM from 160 to 210, the capacity is 50t/d. The following is the details about this paper machine.

2400mm Kraft Paper Machine Technical parameter

Paper type: kraft paper, cardboard paper

Basis Weight Range: 160-210g/㎡

Trimming Width:2400mm

Working Speed: 90m/min

Design Speed: 100m/min

Transmission Type: Alternating Converter Sectional Drive.

The information about kraft paper machine

Forming part: three dryer mould to form paper

Press section: has three press area, 1st pres, 2st press and 3st press, the top press roll diameter is φ850, bottom press roll diameter is φ800.

Drying section: front drying section=12 sets dryer, back drying section=8 sets dryer.

Sizing machine: Located between the front and back dryer, the diameter of top and bottom sizing roll is φ750.