2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

Paper pulp machine

In 2017, the “2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference” co-sponsored by the China Paper Association, China Paper Society and the China Pulp and Paper Research Institute will move to Shenzhen. The exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 13 to 15, 2017. Leizhan professional managers and engineer will attend this exhibition to exchange and learning experience.

2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

Previous exhibition attracted more than 20 countries and regions from more than 200 papermaking equipment manufacturing, paper chemicals and paper-related well-known exhibitors, this time will attract more paper-related enterprises from around the world to come to the exhibition.

Exhibition content

1. Pulp and paper machinery, spare parts, auxiliary equipment, automation equipment and instrumentation.

2. All kinds of Commercial pulp, paper and cardboard.

3. Waste paper and waste paper recycling technology, equipment and so on.

4. Papermaking chemicals.

5. Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of new technologies and equipment.

6. Special paper raw materials and equipment.

7. Packaging materials and production equipment.

Leizhan team will attend this exhibition

Leizhan has focus on Paper&Pulp Machinery Industry for more than 37 years, we have rich experience and professional team work for customer, this time we will attend this exhibition to exchange and learning experience, and let more paper making friends to know the strength of Leizhan.

Booth Information

Exhibition address: Shenzhen Fuhua Road, Futian District, Guangdong Province

Time: 13th~ 15th, September,2017

Leizhan Booth No: A3331

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