150T/D Corrugated Paper Making Line

Paper pulp machine

Leizhan supply the whole paper pulp machine for Yunnan Minhai Paper Mill 150t/d corrugated paper making line, this new paper making line use waste paper as raw material, the pulping process is more complex than wood pulp making line, to meet the paper making requirement need to install pulper machine, cleaner, screening equipment, etc.

Information of cooperation

Time: 2017,4,27

Finished paper: corrugated paper

Capacity: 150t/d

Equipment: Drum pulper, Chain conveyor, High density cleaner, etc.

Pulping process

Pulper equipment: Drum pulper 3000mm, h=12/11/10mm, C=14~18%

Cleaner: High density cleaner C=3~5% P=0.2~0.5%, Low density cleaner: C=0.8~1.2%

Screening equipment: Coarse pressure screen C=3~4%, fine screen C=1% S=0.2mm

Fiber separator: C=2.5%

Reject separator: C=1~2%

Corrugated paper machine

Paper grade: high-strength corrugated paper

Trimmed width: 1575-5800mm

Basis weight: 60-150g/㎡

Operating speed: 100-800m/min

Production capacity: 15-500t/d

We not only supply paper pulp machine, but also paper machine, we have advanced technology and rich experience, can supply for you high quality low price paper machine, if you have any need, welcome to consult us for maore details.