1200mm Carton Paper Recycling Making Machine

kraft paper machine
1200mm paper making machine use waste carton paper or OCC as raw material to produce 10-25t/d 80-150g/㎡ Kraft paper, Corrugated paper or A4 paper.

1200mm Carton Paper Recycling Machine Technical Data

Raw material: Waste carton paper, OCC
Output paper: Kraft paper, Corrugated paper, A4 paper
GSM: 80-150g/㎡
Capacity: 10-25t/d
Net paper width: 1200mm
Drive way: AC frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

This cheap carton duplex paper making machine is mainly used for paper making, such as kraft paper making, corrugated paper making, tissue paper making and so on. We can provide the whole line of paper making contain paper pulping machine and paper machine, welcome to consult us for more details.